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2nd Grade Libri Aestivi

Libri Aestivi /ˈlibɾi aestīvī/ is Latin for "Summer Books".

Please select summer reading lIsts by Incoming grade:


We encourage you to look for and read quality literature with and to your child at least 15 minutes each day throughout the summer. “Level 2 and 3 Books” are stories with controlled vocabulary designed for emerging readers. Many titles under these labels would be great options for students to practice reading independently. Learn more about Libri Aestivi guidelines and requirements.


Aesop’s Fables

Illustrated by Milo Winter

For centuries, Aesop’s beloved fables have taught children important lessons in the most charming and entertaining way.

ISBN 1-45490-981-1


By Arnold Lobel

Twenty original fables about an array of animal characters from crocodile to ostrich.

ISBN 0-06-443046-4

Aesop’s Fables

Retold by Jerry Pinkney

A collection of nearly sixty fables from Aesop.

ISBN 1-58717-000-0

The Grasshopper & the Ants

Retold by Jerry Pinkney

Based on a fable by Aesop. In this retelling of the classic Aesop fable, hardworking ants stock up for the winter while a fun-loving grasshopper plays all year long, until the cold weather arrives and he realizes his mistake in not planning ahead.

ISBN 0-316-40081-5

The Lion & The Mouse

Retold by Jerry Pinkney

In this wordless retelling of an Aesop fable, an adventuresome mouse proves that even small creatures are capable of great deeds when he rescues the King of the Jungle.

ISBN 0-316-01356-0

The Tortoise & the Hare

Retold by Jerry Pinkney

Illustrations and minimal text relate the familiar fable of the race between a slow tortoise and a quick but foolish hare.

ISBN 0-316-18356-3

Noah’s Ark

Retold by Jerry Pinkney

Retells the biblical story of the great flood and how Noah and his family faithfully responded to God’s call to save life on

ISBN 1-58717-201-1

A Child’s Garden of Verses

By Robert Louis Stevenson, Illustrated by Tasha Tudor

A collection of poems evoking the world and feelings of childhood.

ISBN 0-689-82382-7

Where the Sidewalk Ends

By Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein’s acclaimed collection of whimsical poems and illustrations.

ISBN 0-06-029169-9


Clyde Robert Bulla

  • Chalk Box
  • Daniel’s Duck
  • A Lion to Guard Us
  • Pirate’s Promise
  • The Secret Valley
  • Shoeshine Girl
  • The Sword in the Tree

Rebecca Caudill

  • Best-loved Doll
  • Happy Little Family
  • Schoolhouse in the Woods
  • Up and Down the River
  • Schoolroom in the Parlor

Kate DiCamillo

  • Mercy Watson to the Rescue
  • Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride     
  • Mercy Watson:  Something Wonky this Way Comes
  • Mercy Watson Fights Crime
  • Mercy Watson:  Princess in Disguise
  • Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig
  • 3 Adventures on Deckawoo Drive
  • Leroy Ninker Saddles Up

Mary Pope Osborne

  • Magic Tree House Series
  • Magic Tree House Merlin Missions
  • Magic Tree House Fact Tracker

Peggy Parish

  • Amelia Bedelia
  • Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower
  • Thank You Amelia Bedelia
  • Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping
  • Amelia Bedelia Helps Out
  • Amelia Bedelia’s Family Album
  • Come Back Amelia Bedelia
  • Good Work Amelia Bedelia
  • Play Ball Amelia Bedelia
  • Teach Us Ameila Bedelia

John Peterson

  • The Littles
  • The Littles and the Trash Tinies
  • The Littles Go Exploring
  • The Littles Take a Trip

Cynthia Rylant

  • Mr. Putter and Tabby series
  • Henry and Mudge series

Marjorie Sharmat

  • Nate the Great Mystery Series

Ruth Stiles Gannett

  • My Father’s Dragon
  • Elmer and the Dragon
  • Dragons of Blueland

Gertrude Warner

  • Boxcar Children Mysteries
    (Except Surprise Island and Yellow House Mystery as these might be read during the school year.)

American Girl Doll

  • Historical Fiction Book Series

National Geographic Kids

  • Books from Level 1