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Grades seven and eight concentrate on organizing facts learned in the Grammar stage while helping students address the question, “Why?”

A formal study of logic gives focus to the naturally argumentative nature of students during these years of development. They spend less time memorizing and direct more effort to analysis and deepening their understanding of God, His world, and themselves. They conclude their required studies of Latin and begin training in Speech and Protocol. Agathos Logic students rank highly on national Latin exams and in the Math Olympiad, an annual worldwide math competition.

Each seventh grader (and every new student in grades 8-12) is inducted into one of four Houses – Mattaeus, Marcus, Lucas, or Johannes – with which they will remain until graduation. Outside of class, students may rise to the challenges of athletic training and competition by joining the cross country, volleyball, and basketball teams. At the close of the school year, Logic students dress up and use their best manners at the semi-formal Headmaster’s Dinner.

Each House eats lunch together weekly, conducts service projects, adopts a grammar school class, and participates in Quizbowl, volleyball, and speech contests. The Agathos house system creates opportunities for leadership, teamwork, and inclusion.

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