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Pre-Kindergarten is offered to help parents prepare their children for a smooth and successful transition into Kindergarten. Designed for 4 and 5 year olds, the program teaches young children to interact respectfully in a classroom environment so they can joyfully learn and play together. [PreK students must reach 4 years of age by August 15th.]

Classical education places high value on reading great books. By listening to many wonderful children’s books (fiction, non-fiction, and the Bible) read aloud, PreK students increase their attention span and vocabulary, are exposed to large amounts of information, become critical thinkers, strengthen their ability to retain information, and learn how to speak with feeling through voice inflection, pauses, and varying speed and volume. PreK students enjoy memorizing and reciting Bible verses and nursery rhymes. This early training prepares them well for future education in the classical model.

A day in PreK includes instruction in pre-reading, math, science, and many opportunities to learn through movement, play, music, art, and exploration. God’s character and creation are emphasized in every subject, not just Bible, because Jesus Christ is the creator of all things. Students participate in a variety of enrichment activities such as an Indians and Pilgrims Thanksgiving Meal with Kindergarten, dressing up as “Letter People” at the conclusion of studying the alphabet, and counting up until a special 100th Day of School Celebration. The classroom is filled with good books and building toys that encourage creativity. Parental involvement is highly encouraged and appreciated.

If you’re looking for a small stimulating class environment rich in loving guidance, Agathos PreK may be the perfect fit. We hear over and over from PreK students that they love the friends they make in class and miss seeing their teacher during breaks! The school day begins at 8am and closes at 2:45 (for PreK-6th) Monday through Friday. Before-care and after-care are available from 7:15am to 5:30pm for $5/hour per student.


Saxon Math
Effective and entertaining curriculum written by a retired air force pilot, this method teaches new concepts incrementally and consistently reinforces prior lessons. Our PreK class is introduced to a variety of concepts and problem-solving approaches from the Kindergarten material (which are further developed and mastered in Kindergarten.)

A Beka Book Science & Bible
High-quality curriculum written from a Christian perspective. We employ this beautiful and time-proven material because preschool children thrive on a strong foundation in both academics and character. A Beka Book curriculum has equipped generations of students to excel in both areas.

Focuses on the investigation of variety, order, and reasonableness revealed in creation. While secular science textbooks present modern science as the opposite of faith, the A Beka Book science texts teach that modern science is the product of Western man’s return to the Scriptures after the Protestant Reformation, leading to his desire to understand and subdue the earth, which he saw as the orderly, law-abiding creation of the God of the Bible.

Our teachers use customized alphabet and phonics programs that lead preschool students through each letter systematically. PreK students will hear MANY books read aloud by their teacher as well as guests. 7th-8th grade speech students have one assignment to read children’s books with great feeling and vocal variety; PreK sometimes serves as the audience for this activity!