Welcome to Agathos Classical School

We invite you to learn about our commitment to instilling eternal values and academic excellence within the minds and hearts of your children. You will discover that Agathos is a distinctively classical, Christian school guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and encouraged by an interactive parent-school partnership. Agathos means “that which is good, beneficial and worthy of passing on to others.” In the deepest sense, we are prayerfully eager to pass along the classical tools that enable your children to acquire facts, reason clearly, communicate effectively and persuasively, and live a life to the glory of God alone. Click here to learn more about the classical difference.

Classical education works! As parents of a classically educated children, we see the differences every day in real life situations. It is assuring and rewarding when others see it as well. Follow the link to the fall edition of The Classical Difference and pay special attention to pages 18 through 20. Our mock trial team is featured!



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Looking for the school calendar? Go to the Parent’s Resources page!

What People Say

Upon my first visit to Agathos, I was immediately impressed by the orderliness and respect within the classroom. As I gradually learned more about Classical Christian education, I admired Agathos’ endeavor to train students to recognize God’s truths in all subjects rather than only in Bible class. I also saw that my children couldbenefit from the smaller class size. The way that Agathos challenges students to pursue excellence, through diligence and for the glory of God, is a great blessing to our family. -Ella

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