What kind of family thrives at Agathos?

Those led by parents who…

  1. Insist on forming their children through Christ-centered education.
  2. Value inspirational ideas and great work that reflects beauty, goodness, and truth.
  3. Love to read, frequently read, and consider reading to be a delight.
  4. Partner with teachers to support a vigorous and relationally rich classroom environment.
  5. Model lifelong learning spiritually, intellectually, & relationally.
  6. Approach challenges with a growth mindset, believing that both delight & struggle build character.
  7. Perceive the difference between love and indulgence.
  8. Engage in and encourage their children toward meaningful pursuits in and outside of school.
  9. Seek to prepare their children for responsible, insightful, and creative participation in society.
  10. Serve humbly and proactively to build community and share life.
  11. View a life “well-lived” as optimally relating to God, self, others, ideas, creation, work & rest.
  12. Nurture habits of respect, esteeming others, admitting wrongdoing, diligence, and obedience.
  13. Resonate with Agathos’ Statement of Faith, Philosophy, and Vision.